Why Teachers are Burning Out so Quickly

Teacher burnout is a phrase you might hear pretty often these days. The thing is I don’t think some people really understand why. You get summers off, you have good hours (some at least), and you also have scheduled breaks. The problem with these thoughts is that they are really only slightly true and they leave out what really happens in the classroom.

Do teachers really get summers off?

In a sense, yes, but in reality you have to get your classroom organized again, start planning what lessons you want to do, and don’t even make me mention the three weeks of professional development I had to endure last summer. Let me add that we our last day is not even until the second week of June, so am I really getting a summer break??

Teacher hours are easy

For some teachers, yes, they get to have their students from 8-2 or 9-3. Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of accepting a position this school year for school hours of 8am- 4:15pm. That’s 8 hours of kids if you counted. They can also come to school at 7:30am to eat breakfast in their classroom, so really it’s longer than that. For me my hours are longer and it really really stinks. Lesson learned though. As for other teachers even though they may not have students after those hours, there is still endless amounts of grading, planning, and organizing (because let’s be honest kids are so messy).

Oh the behaviors you will get to see in a classroom

For some lucky teachers out there they will have a class with perfect angels who just know what to do and when to do it. A student has thrown a chair at me. I had a pencil thrown at my head because I moved on before the student was ready. The daily surprises are really endless. I was called every name in the book by a 7-year old, had my wrist pulled so hard that it swelled, and can hear children scream now in my sleep. This is really where the burnout begins. The behaviors are really where we are getting dragged down. Along with no help, too little or too much parent interaction, and having to do all the work listed above.

I have had so many crazy behaviors this year. Some of them I can’t even believe they have happened in a first grade class.

Nothing will make your blood boil so much when a kid has just traumatized the class by throwing a chair at their teacher (or even sadder when they are just used to it at that point), and you see them walking back into the classroom. Or when your wrist is swollen and hurts to use and your principal doesn’t even bat an eye. I get not wanted to expel students. Because you don’t know where they will end up, but what are we really teaching them? Certainly not the reality. We are teaching them that they can abuse and hurt people and they will still be there for them to do it again, they their choices have no real consequences, and that they deserve more attention than the other students in their class. They start building excuses.

Are we really helping students by ignoring these behaviors?

I wish I had an answer to this problem though. I just know the behaviors they are showing will get them put in jail and we are not showing them justice by brushing their choices off and stopping them from going down that path. Teacher burnout from these behaviors are increasing.

Teachers are under so much stress

Headaches, psoriasis, acne, and arthritis flair ups are just a few symptoms that I know of teachers around me (and myself) are experiencing coming from stress. With no help for behaviors, pressures of getting good test scores, and less personal time to help relieve stress; teachers are experiencing the side affects.

While these examples are just from my own experiences and feelings, I know many others that feel the same. Teachers are rock stars that do not get the recognition we deserve! So the next time you see a teacher you know or one you’ve just met; buy them a drink because they probably need it.

It is really no surprise to me when I see that the number of teachers changing their careers within their first three years. We don’t get paid enough for all that we go through. The teacher burnout is real, and if we want quality teachers in our schools, then we need to start making changes now.

Are you a teacher? What are your experiences?

p.s. good luck to all the teachers out there on our final stretch of the year!
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How to Become Vegan

How to Become Vegan

For me, I had no idea how to transition to become vegan. Did I just stop cold turkey or do you slowly cut things out? After my first failed attempted I learned that there is no right way, but it’s really about what will work best for you and having a plan. This second time, I have found that I am committed and doing well. Here are some tips that I have found helpful in my journey.

Get rid of all food that is not vegan

I didn’t do this the first time I tried to become vegan and it did not go well. If food is still available for you to eat, well then you are going to eat it. So if you are going vegan all at once, either eat all the other food or get rid of it.

Have a plan

This is really the biggest reason why I didn’t succeed the first time. If you are wondering what you should plan, here is a list of things to plan ahead for:

  • Have a set list of easy vegan meals for when you don’t feel like cooking
  • If you are on the run know things you can eat at fast-food restaurants
  • Know what ingredients are vegan for when you are going out to eat
  • Vegan snacks
  • Vegan deserts

Have a “why”

We all have a reason why we want to become vegan, but it has to be meaningful to you. If it’s just a fad thing you are doing, it won’t stick. I choose to be vegan for a mix of reasons including health, moral, and environmental. Know your why and remind yourself of it!

For a post on some of my favorite vegan meals click HERE!

I hope these tips will help you on your journey on becoming vegan! If you need more recipe ideas follow my vegan board on Pinterest!

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Spending a Week in Alligator Point, Florida

Spending a Week in Alligator Point, Florida

Located about an hour south of Tallahassee is Alligator Point, Florida. It’s a rural beach community that is sometimes thought to be Florida’s forgotten coast. So you can imagine with that description, there were not crowds at all and it really was secluded!

I have mixed feeling with Alligator Point, Florida. While it is nice not having crowds and basically having beach to yourself, but the closest store is 40 minutes away and any restaurants are at least 20. So when I say small town, I mean it! If you really need to get away, then this is the place for you!

Where to Stay:

On every family vacation we rent a beach house since there are so many of us. It is also nice to have your own kitchen and beach space. Here are some options of websites that rent houses.

Things to Do:

  • Of course lay on the beach all day
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Bald Point State Park
  • St. Marks Lighthouse
  • Drive to Carrabelle or St. George Island. They are both more touristy.

Overall, I had a great relaxing weekend in Alligator Point, Florida! If you are looking for a vacation that is off the beaten path, then I would definitely suggest checking this beach town out.

Do you prefer touristy or secluded vacations?

Spending a Week in Alligator Point, Florida Spending a Week in Alligator Point, Florida Spending a Week in Alligator Point, Florida


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Motivational Books You Should Read This Summer

Motivational Books You Should Read This Summer

I have been really getting into motivational books this year. While I do love reading a good fiction book, there is something about reading an inspiring book that makes you then feel inspired and empowered to do anything! There are so many people out there who have been successful in what they do and want to share how they do it, so why not take advantage of that! So if you are feeling like you are in a rut or just looking for your next book, here are some motivational books you should check out!

You Are a BADASS

 Jen Sincero

Jen takes a look at all that self-doubt and tells us how to overcome all of it!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K

 Mark Manson

One of the biggest reasons I think we don’t do what we want is because of “what will people think.” Well this book helps you get over that.

Your Best Year Ever

 Michael Hyatt

Hyatt helps you design your best year ever!

Adventures For Your Soul

 Shannon Kaiser

This is a pretty quick and easy read all about making new habits that will help you read your goals.


What is your favorite motivational book?


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Why You Should Try Hot Yoga

Why You Should Try Hot Yoga

I’ve always loved yoga. It challenges me so much mentally and physically! I didn’t know about hot yoga until about two years ago when I tried my first class. After that I was hooked! Hot yoga kicks up the intensity and makes you feel amazing after. Yoga has always been known for having a positive impact, but I think hot yoga is a little less represented. You not only get the benefits of yoga, plus more since the class is heated! Today I’m sharing some of those added benefits and hopefully you will check out a class near you 😉

Improve Your Skin

Since you will be sweating a ton, all that sweat will pull toxins out of your skin. Your skin all over will feel refreshed!

Increase Awareness

As I said before, you will get pretty sweaty during your hot yoga class. This means during your class you will have to push through those distractions of sweat dripping in places and focus on you. You will also have to work on not letting the heat distract you in any way. By pushing past these distractions you are able to focus your awareness.

Increase Flexibility

Heat helps relax your muscles so you will be able to stretch a little deeper than you usually would be able to.


During a hot yoga class you will feel so energized! Even after the class when you get exposed to cooler air, you will feel lighter and ready to tackle the day!


The hot air in the room helps relax the body and distress.


I have been practicing hot yoga regularly since I have moved back from Europe and love the results I am getting. While it is difficult to do, it is rewarding.

Where I Practice

I recently started practicing at The Hot Room Indianapolis. The staff is amazing and so friendly! Every time I walk in I feel so welcome in the space. The reason I started at The Hot Room is because they have a new client special which is $40 for one month unlimited. I have been searching for a new studio to try, and with the great price I thought I would give it a shot! The Hot Room is really the only other studio in Indy that I have practiced at. Before I would go to studios in Bloomington, where I went to college. So if you have any studios you really love, let me know! I also love doing regular yoga also.

Have you ever tried hot yoga?



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The Best Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

The Best Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

I love coffee shops! Just to grab a quick drink, catch up with a friend, or do some work. Coffee shops are the best, but I do think we can agree that some are better than others. Since I’ve been home I’m exploring more of my city and trying some new places that I haven’t tried before or were not here when I left. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite coffee shops in Indianapolis, so you can grab a book or a friend and go get some coffee!

Henry’s Coffee Bistro on East Street

The Best Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

Not only do they have coffee, but also a huge menu!

Foundry Provisions

The Best Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

Cute red building where you can get some coffee or even a popsicle 🙂 They serve breakfast and lunch.

Coat Check Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

I recently went here for the first time and loved it! I had a golden milk latte with cashew milk and it was delicious. This coffee shop is located in the former coat check room at the historic Athenaeum Theatre.

Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company 

Best Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

This coffee shop has a rotating display of local art! They also donate money made after costs to the community.


I have to say that Indy is growing so much and there are still so many coffee shops I haven’t tried yet!

What’s your favorite coffee shop in Indianapolis?


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Weekend Trips You Should Take This Summer

Weekend Trips You Should Take This Summer

Summer is in full swing now and I am loving it! I live in Indianapolis so we are having weather in the 80s-90s with a lot of humidity! One thing I love about summer is going on our family vacation. Each year we rent a beach house for the week with my whole family. I love being able to do this, but I do know that sometimes taking a week off can be hard for some people. So even if you can’t get a week off it is nice to take a weekend to explore a new city and take a break! Today I’m sharing some weekend trips that you should take this summer!

Seattle, Washington

Weekend Trips You Should Take This Summer

This city has water, mountains, and forests along with a city! You get all in one place. Seattle also has a lot to offer with things to do. Here are some things to do during a weekend in Seattle:

  • Space Needle
  • Pike Place Market
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass
  • Gum Wall
  • Puget Sound
  • Lake Union and Washington

Grand Haven, Michigan


This town sits on Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. Rent a beach house here and enjoy a weekend on the lake!

Savannah, Georgia

Weekend Trips You Should Take This Summer

This coastal city in Georgia is perfect for a weekend trip. Here are some things to do during your trip:

  • Forsyth Park
  • Savannah Historic District
  • Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Juliette Gordon Low Historic District
  • Wormsloe Historic Site

Boston, Massachusetts

Weekend Trips You Should Take This Summer

I loved this city when I visited! It has that old city charm and has so much to do. If you want to read about what to do in Boston, click HERE.


What is your favorite city for a weekend getaway?


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How to Avoid Jet Lag

How to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag can seriously put a damper on the start of a trip. I remember accidentally sleeping until noon in Barcelona and falling asleep during a church tour in Ireland. Luckily there are ways to avoid jet lag or lessen its effects. Today I’m sharing how I avoid jet lag so I can enjoy my trip!

Drink Water

Up your water intake the day before a big flight and then make sure to stay hydrated during the flight. Flying can really dehydrate you and make your symptoms worse!

Plan Your Arrival Time

While sometimes this is not possible, I try to look at my arrival time. Sometimes taking a flight were you are changing time zones and arriving at night won’t be helpful to your sleep, but sometimes it is. This just depends if you are loosing or gaining time.

Rest on the Plane

This is one that depends on your arrival. On my flight back from Europe I arrive home at 11pm. It’s probably best that I try to stay awake as much as possible so that I can sleep when I get home. While during that 10 hour flight it won’t hurt if I take a nap.

Avoid Caffeine

This will help you fall asleep easier when you need to in your new time zone.

Get Some Exercise

Before, during, and after the flight. Keep your blood flowing! I’m not saying run up and down the plane walkways, but maybe do some stretches to make sure you keep your blood flowing.

Nap it Out

It’s okay if you arrive during the day and you’re exhausted. Listen to your body and know when to rest. Make sure your nap is not too long so that you will still be able to sleep at night.


Sometimes even with the most savvy fliers, you can’t avoid jet lag. But luckily with these tips you can keep on moving and enjoy your trip!


How to you avoid jet lag?




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My Year as an Au Pair

My Year as an Au Pair

Holy moly these 9 months have flown by! Right now I’m either at the airport or on my flight from Stockholm to Chicago. If this is your first time on Boarding for Chynna, I’ve been an au pair in Finland for the past 9 months. If you want to know more information about being an au pair below are some blog posts I have written!

My year as an au pair has definitely been an interesting one. As a 25-year-old it’s not something you hear of people doing after college. I will say that taking a year of was really nice so that I could travel before having to get into the game of life. But I don’t think I will ever not stop traveling! I’ve had a fun year and I’m excited to share what I did today!

August and September


I arrived in Finland at the beginning of August and the weather was great! I visited the capital, Helsinki, for the first time and met some other au pairs in the same city. At the beginning of September I went to Tallinn, Estonia by boat with some of the au pairs. Tallinn is a beautiful place I would have never thought of going to, but so glad I did. You can read about my trip HERE.

October and November

My Year as an Au Pair

October was a big month! I turned 25 and went on my first solo trip to Prague! My grandpa is from Prague so I have been wanting to go for a long time and was blown away by the beauty of the city. If you would like to read about my trip to Prague, click HERE.

Why I Became an Au Pair After College

In November I took my next solo trip to Copenhagen! I loved this city! Even though it was chilly at this time of the year, it was amazing! You can read about my trip HERE.

December and January

One au pair I met was from France and when she found out I wasn’t going home for Christmas she invited my to her families house to join them! Seriously the nicest thing and I’m forever grateful for it! We spent a day in Paris before heading to her family’s town and then two other days exploring Metz and Nancy. You can read my posts about France, HERE and HERE.

Traveling to Amsterdam During Winter

After Christmas I made my way up to Brussels and then to Amsterdam. I will say that Brussels didn’t really blow me away, but Amsterdam did! Amsterdam is gorgeous and the canals are a dream to just look at all day. You can read my post for Brussels HERE and Amsterdam HERE.

In January I took a weekend trip to Stockholm with another au pair and her friend. Stockholm is a beautiful city, but pretty cold during the winter! You can read about my weekend HERE. 

February and March

Why I Became an Au Pair After College

I’m not going to lie, February was rough. It’s cold and dark and it feels like winter will never end. On a positive note though, I did get to go skiing with my host family for the first time!

Why I Became an Au Pair After College

I also went to a public sauna and jumped into a frozen lake! Very very Finnish thing to do in the winter.

In March I finally saw a friend from back home! After not seeing any of my friends since August I was so happy. I’m so glad I was able to meet up with them in Barcelona! You can read about my trip to Barcelona HERE. 

April and May

5 Things You Should Do in Lisbon

April was a great month! I had another friend come to visit and we took a trip to Lisbon Portugal! I fell in love with this city. There is so much to see and do. You can read my Lisbon posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.

How to Spend a Weekend in Northern Austria

And here we are in May! At the beginning of the Month I traveled to Germany and Austria to visit an au pair I met in Finland. You can read about my weekend HERE and HERE.

My Thoughts on Being an Au Pair

People ask if I would do it over again and it’s such a hard question. If I didn’t come I would have never met the people I did or do the things I did. And really I’m not sure I would want to give that up. But also I overall didn’t enjoy being an au pair. I love working with kids and even have a degree based on working with them, but this is completely different. I am not in control of anything and had to base my life on what 5 other people were doing. So really I have not felt in control of my own life these past 9 months which has been hard for me. It was an experience though and was able to do so much, so for that I am thankful.

I want to thank everyone who has kept up with my journey these past 9 months and can’t wait to share what I will be doing during this next chapter in life!


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How to Spend a Weekend in Northern Austria

How to Spend a Weekend in Northern Austria

At the beginning of this month I spent a weekend visiting a friend, that was an au pair here in Finland, in Austria. I flew into Munich since it was cheaper and just as close as other cities. If you want to see how I spent my night in Munich, click HERE.

Austria is seriously stunning. They have rolling hills and mountains everywhere you look. I’m so glad I fit this trip in before I left! Today I’m sharing how I spent my weekend in Northern Austria!

Spend a Day in Linz

How to Spend a Weekend in Northern Austria

Linz is located between Salzburg and Vienna, but not one you should miss! This city is filled with lots of museums and great architecture to look at. Linz sits on the Danube river and on a nice sunny day people are all sitting outside along it enjoying the weather.

Things to do in Linz:

  • Ars Electronica Center
  • New Cathedral
  • Lentos Art Museum
  • Old Cathedral

Go Hiking in Gmunden

How to Spend a Weekend in Northern Austria

This town sits on the lake Traunsee and is picturesque with the mountain views. Take a cable car (or hike) up the mountain and check out the views! On the top there is a playground area for children, a restaurant, a roller-coaster like ride which is so much fun, and areas for hiking. It started to rain while we were there so we didn’t get to explore as much, but I would definitely recommend checking it out. Especially the ride, so cool to do!

Burg Altperstein

How to Spend a Weekend in Northern Austria

This castle is literally built on the side of a hill! Make sure to check the hours they are open before going. It was closed when we went, but it was still cool to see from the outside!

Go to a Spring Party

How to Spend a Weekend in Northern Austria

One of the most fun things I have done since I have been in Europe! This is one thing I would have not experience without a local with me. Spring parties are really common and different groups put on these parties and sell their homemade apple wine. There is live music and food also, so all of my favorite things! If you get the chance to go to one, definitely check it out!


Out of all of the places I have been, Austria really surprised me! (I know I keep saying that, but really each place does). It is a beautiful country and I cannot wait to go back and visit again.


Have you been to Austria?



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