10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try

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10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try

Other than the question of “what language do they speak there,” I mostly get asked how different the food is in Finland. Honestly the everyday food is not that different for me because I make dinner, but there are some traditional Finnish foods that I really love and wanted to share! Here are 10 Finnish foods you need to try!

Rye Bread

10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try


This is one of the things on my list that I didn’t like in America, but here it is so good! Rye bread is popular in Finland and very common to eat for breakfast or night snack.


10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try

This one is not really a food, but something I think you need to try when in Finland. I hate licorice in America, but in Finland it taste amazing! You should also try salted licorice and get a mix with fruit candies in it too.

Blue Cheese

10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try


Blue cheese in Finland is completely different than in America! It is creamier and just all around better. During the Christmas time they also make a gingerbread roll with blue cheese in it. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am interested in giving it a try.


10 Finnish Food You Need To Try

Cloudberries grow up in the Northern part of Finland, Lapland. This fruit is a must try when you’re in Finland! You can get them in yogurt, pastries, cakes, or just the berries at a local stand.

Hernekeitto-Pea Soup

10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try

Pea soup is traditionally made on Thursdays with pancakes (see below). It tastes great with sour cream and bread!

Pannukakku- Pancakes

10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try

These pancakes are thick and dense compared to American pancakes. They taste great with jam on top!


10 Finnish Foods You Need To Try

This is one of my favorite foods in Finland. They are filled with potato usually, but they can also have rice or sweet potato filling. They are traditionally topped with butter and egg, but you can also top with cheese and your favorite vegetable.


Kalma Cafe

These are delicious cinnamon and cardamon rolls! You can usually find them at any cafe along with other delicious pastries.


They still call them “Swedish meatballs” here, so really you can get them in Sweden also (or at home). But there are still yummy here 🙂


10 Finnish Food You Need To Try

The translation is “Christmas tart” and they are made starting in October. You make these along with a drink called “glogi” that is a warm mulled wine.


What is a favorite traditional food from a country you’re not from?

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