10 Things You Did Not Know About Me

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About Me

Today I am leaving for Finland! Omg I know right?! I thought today would be a good day to post a little about me so you can get to know me and my blog. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

10 Things About Me

I Was Introduced To Traveling At A Young Age

young me

I am first generation American on my dad’s side so I was able to travel at a young age. My dad and his mom are both from Mexico while his dad is from Prague. I was able to go visit family in Mexico City and this really opened up my eyes to the world around me. Ever since I have been hooked!

Moving To Finland To Be An Au Pair


I posted a while ago about my experience with finding a family and why I chose Finland. You can read about it here.

Graduated With A Bachelor’s Degree In Elementary Education


It took me over four years to graduate, but hey I did it! I started out as a Biology major to go into the medical field, but after about a year or two I decided it was not for me. At that time I was volunteering with Girls Inc. and really loved working with the girls. I always connected with children and enjoyed working with them, but until my supervisor told me I should really think about being a teacher did I ever consider it.

I Was In A Sorority In College


Personally, I really enjoyed being in a sorority and I feel like it really shaped me into the woman I am today. I am also really grateful for all the women I was able to meet because they are my rocks.

Love Reading

I love reading all and any type of book! On my blog there is a post about my summer reads you can check out here.

Could Not Survive Without Coffee


In all honesty it’s not really for the caffeine as it is for the taste. Hazelnut is my jam!

I Live For Patio Weather

Bloody Mary

Anyone else see a perfect day as sitting on a patio with great food, drinks, and friends?

Only Child, But I Am Close To My Family

I am fortunate that my mom and her sisters are very close so I have always grown up with cousins around.

Obsessed With Grilled Cheese And Mac N Cheese

About Me

I mean, who isn’t?

I Have Six Tattoos

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture that shows all of them, but I can list them. There is a cactus on the back of my left arm, “agape” on my right hip, a sun on my left inner elbow, a moon on my right inner elbow, “maktub” written across my back in arabic, and an arrow going up my spine. I am not sure if I plan on getting any others, but you never know 😉

I am excited to share all of my travels while I am in Europe! What is an interesting fact about you?
xx Chynna


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