20 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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20 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is an April 22 this year! This years theme is to End Plastic Pollution. I am personally really excited for this theme and that it will educate a lot of people on the plastic pollution in the world. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start to help the Earth. Celebrating Earth Day can be a great way to start making positive changes that will positively impact the Earth. So celebrate with me with one or more of the 20 ways this year!

Stop Using Disposable Plastic

Of course this is the first one on the list since it the theme of the year. Stop using plastic bags at the grocery store and invest in cloth ones. Refuse straws and invest in reusable bottles.

Join a Community Clean Up

Research a community clean up in your area and join it! Seeing a clean community makes you feel better about where you live too!

Use Cloth Towels Instead of Paper

This is a win-win since you will save money buying paper towels and you will help the Earth!

Plant or Donate a Tree

You can donate one HERE.

Change Your Paper Bills to Online

A simple change that can help the Earth!

Buy Local Food

Find your local Farmer’s market and buy what you can from them!

Buy Organic Food

This keeps harmful pesticides out of the environment.

Or Start Your Own Garden

If you like to garden, this would be a great way to help the Earth and save money on groceries.

Use Non-toxic Cleaning Products

Keeping toxins out of the Earth is so important!

Donate Old Clothes Instead of Throwing Away

The clothing market is one cause of pollution I did not even realize was a problem!

Use 100% Recycled Paper

This way new trees won’t be used!

Make Sure to Recycle

Look up how you can recycle in your community.

Reduce Your Meat Consumption

You can read about some of my favorite vegan recipes HERE.

Compost Kitchen Scraps

Here in Finland they actually have a biodegradable trash service, which is so cool! But since we don’t have that yet in America we can compost in the meantime.

Wash Your Clothes Only When Needed

And use cold water.

Turn Off Lights

Always when they are not needed!

Take the Stairs

Saving energy and getting exercise!

Read Online Instead of Printing

Saving paper!

Join Earth Day Network’s Campaign

You can join HERE.


Reducing traffic and pollution!


I hope you will be celebrating Earth Day in some way with me this year!

How are you celebrating this year?


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