4 of My Favorite Vegan Recipes

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4 of My Favorite Vegan Recipes

So, I’m not vegan. Since I am living in someone else’s home and they buy my food and I cook dinner, I’m not going to put my diet on them. I do plan on going back to vegan when I return home though. As I said before I do cook dinner for the family and I do cook vegan recipes for them a lot, but sometimes I will have meat or something on the side for the kids to add in. The kids have tried so many new things since I have been cooking for them and I’m excited they have been open to them. Here are some of my favorite vegan recipes that I cook quite often!

Chickpea Curry by HurryTheFoodUp

4 of My Favorite Vegan Recipes

Not only is this recipe delicious, but it is also soooo easy! It only takes about 25 minutes to make. If I make it just for myself, I like to take the leftovers for lunch and also freeze it for quick meals in the future. Here in Finland I will make Shrimp for the kids on the side to put in theirs so they will be enticed to try it 😉 You can find the recipe HERE.

Vegan Pasta Salad by The Awesome Green

4 of My Favorite Vegan Recipes

So we are really into lemon pasta here. The pasta absorbs the lemon so well and you don’t need to add any cream, so it’s pretty healthy. I really like this recipe because you also have zucchini and chickpeas. I will say that I did not like the chickpeas roasted in this pasta, maybe in a salad. But the crunchy didn’t go well in my opinion and I think it would be better if they were just cooked. You can find the recipe HERE. 

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili by Alida’s Kitchen

4 of My Favorite Vegan Recipes

I love love love chili! It’s the perfect fall and winter meal. I do like to eat it anytime though really. This recipe includes sweet potatoes, which is another favorite of mine. You can find the recipe HERE.

Energy Bites

4 of My Favorite Vegan Recipes

I couldn’t leave a vegan desert off of my list! These energy bites are the best. I eat them for a quick pick-me-up or when I have a chocolate craving. They give you that sugar taste without the sugar! You can make them any way that you want, you just need something to make them “stick” together like almond butter. The energy bites pictured are called almond joy bites. You just need 1/2 cup of almond butter, 1 cup of dates, 1-2 scoops of chocolate protein (you can get my favorite kind HERE), and 1/2 cup shredded coconut. Add all of the ingredients into a food processor, roll into bite sized balls and then roll into coconut, and enjoy!


What are your favorite vegan recipes?


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