6 Beauty Products I Can’t Travel Without

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6 Beauty Products I Can't Travel Without

Makeup and traveling is tricky. You wan’t to bring everything, but you don’t have room and sometimes you don’t even end up wearing it. After taking some weekend trips I have figured out the products I can’t travel without! These are my go-to things and are also super easy.

6 Beauty Products I Can’t Travel Without

  1. Concealer: I really like Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. It is thick and covers what you need it to without being too much! Usually I will just wear concealer and not any other face makeup.
  2. Sunscreen: Lately I have really been into sunscreen. I have come to realize that being wrinkle and cancer-free is much more important than tan! I mix sunscreen and my coconut oil moisturizer together in the morning. I currently us ACO sun face fluid that is also mattifying.
  3. Mascara: My favorite all time mascara is Better Than Sex by Too Faced!
  4. Wave Spray: I love love love OUIA products and especially their wave spray. I once got a sample of it and fell in love! It isn’t too heavy and is a super easy way to get beach waves without the beach.
  5. ColorPop Ultra Blotted Lip: When matte lipstick came out I was allll about it, and I still am! I am the type of person to mess with my lipstick until it comes off, but with matte lipstick I leave it alone. I love this color, Zuma, it is a perfect daytime lip color that goes with everything.
  6. ColorPop Blotted Lip: In Sucker and it’s a color that I love. This is a light red/orange that adds a little brightness to your lips!

My daily makeup routine is super simple and easy so it makes it easier to pack and go!

What are your favorite travel beauty products?


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