A Day in the Life of an Au Pair: Chynna

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This weeks au pair is me, Chynna! I am 24 (almost 25) from Indianapolis, IN. After graduating from IU this past May I made my way to Finland to be an au pair for 3 boys. The boys are 2, 4, and 7 years old and when I got here they didn’t speak any English! Now they are able to understand me a little and I can understand them also (for the most part). Here is my daily life as an au pair!

My day to day life

The “usual” schedule is that I will pick the boys up around 3/3:30pm and then head home to get dinner ready. This may change if there are soccer or hockey practices. I clean the main floor once a week and then once a month a do a thorough cleaning. I also usually cook dinner during the day so that it is ready when we get home from school. They boys get “hangry” if they are not fed!

What is included in my contract

  • Bus pass
  • Monthly pay
  • Food
  • Own room
  • Weekends free

What Do I Like About Being An Au Pair

I really like working with kids and also my family. They are really easy to get along with and they really try to make sure I a comfortable. Even today my host mom asked if there was anything that they could do better or I didn’t like. I really like this because it makes me feel like they really care. I also like being able to live in a different country. It has been really amazing getting to experience a different culture.

What Do You Not Like About Being An Au Pair

Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with the kids. It makes it hard when you want them to do something (or not) and they don’t know what you are saying. I think now they have a level of respect for me, so it has been easier. Doing the monthly cleaning has been a challenge also. Not that the actual cleaning is hard, just that when I clean it is hard to keep it clean so I worry that they family will think I haven’t actually cleaned.

What Have I Learned So Far

I have learned to be more patient and how parenting can differ culturally. This will be beneficial to me in my future classroom since I may have students who come from different countries. I have also learned how to live in a country where their native language is not English. Something as simple as going to the gym can be a process because you have to figure out where everything is without being able to read the signs.

My Advice For People Who Want To Au Pair

Always know what you are getting into. Make sure to look over your contract and be honest if you are okay with it or not. Don’t say yes to something that will not make you happy. I also think it is good to talk with the previous au pair if they have had one. This way you can get a better idea of the family and if they will make a good fit for you.


Are you an au pair? Would you like to share your story? Let me know!

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Thanks for reading 🙂

xx Chynna


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