The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

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The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

How did I not know Christmas markets were a thing?

I’m being serious, I really did not realize they existed until I came to Finland. My first experience was in Copenhagen and I can’t get enough of them. I ate basically the whole day just from the market. The markets in Copenhagen had sausages, waffles on a stick, churros, mulled wine, and so much more. I love food so I was in heaven!

I have not been to all of these, but they are on my list! Here are the best Christmas markets in Europe!

Munich, German

Christmas markets are a big deal in Germany! Some other markets to check out are in Cologne and Berlin. These markets are voted some of the best and definitely on my list to visit!

Vienna, Austria

This Christmas markets has over 150 stands for visitors to visit!

Strasbourg, France

They call themselves the capital of Christmas markets. Strasbourg is said to start the tradition in 1571. This year I will be able to visit and very excited to see where it all started!

Stockholm, Sweden

This market has smoked reindeer or elk meat!

Copenhagen, Denmark

I can say that Christmas in Copenhagen is beautiful! Tivoli gardens is decked out in all the Christmas things and there is delicious food to eat. Food is high on my priority list of things a market should have 😉

Tallin, Estonia

Tallin old city is like stepping into a fairy tale. I’m sure in the winter it is even more beautiful.

Copenhagen Christas Market

Where is your favorite Christmas market?


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