Motivational Books You Should Read This Summer

Motivational Books You Should Read This Summer

I have been really getting into motivational books this year. While I do love reading a good fiction book, there is something about reading an inspiring book that makes you then feel inspired and empowered to do anything! There are so many people out there who have been successful in what they do and want to share how they do it, so why not take advantage of that! So if you are feeling like you are in a rut or just looking for your next book, here are some motivational books you should check out!

You Are a BADASS

 Jen Sincero

Jen takes a look at all that self-doubt and tells us how to overcome all of it!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K

 Mark Manson

One of the biggest reasons I think we don’t do what we want is because of “what will people think.” Well this book helps you get over that.

Your Best Year Ever

 Michael Hyatt

Hyatt helps you design your best year ever!

Adventures For Your Soul

 Shannon Kaiser

This is a pretty quick and easy read all about making new habits that will help you read your goals.


What is your favorite motivational book?


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Four of My Favorite Children’s Books

Four of My Favorite Children's Books

April 2nd was Children’s Book Day and as an Elementary teacher, I love children’s books! Even as an adult, some of these books inspire me. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite children’s books that I like to read in a classroom or to any child I know!


Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall

Four of My Favorite Children's Books

Red is a crayon, but is not good at drawing red things. All of his “red pictures” like strawberries keep coming out wrong. That is until he realizes that he is not actually red at all, but blue! This book is so inspiring to be your true inner-self!


The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Four of My Favorite Children's Books

This book is hilarious! It’s a story about a boy, Duncan, who went to get his crayons but finds letters about why they have quit instead. Orange and yellow believe they are the true color of the sun and are no longer speaking, black wants to do more than just outline, and blue is done coloring bodies of water.


Maya Angelou (Little People, Big Dreams) by Lisbeth Kaiser

Four of My Favorite Children's Books

Maya Angelou is one of my favorite authors, so I love being able to add that into a classroom. This books shows a glimpse of Angelou’s life and how she never gave up on her dream!

The Paperbag Princess by Robert Munsch

Four of My Favorite Children's Books

In most fairy tales you will find that the Princess is the one who needs to be saved, but this is not the case in this book! When Princess Elizabeth finds that her Prince, Ronald, has been kidnapped and her clothes have been burned by a dragon; she sets off to save him!

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Four Books to Read This Spring

Four Books to Read This Spring

It may feel for some of you out there, but it’s still a little chilly here! Spring is my favorite season and I love being able to finally enjoy the sunshine and just sitting outside. One of my favorite things to do is grab some good books and read outside in the sun! There are so many good books coming out this spring and these four I’m telling you today are the ones I’m most excited for! So head on over to your favorite book store, or amazon, and get to reading 🙂

I’ll Be Your Blue Sky by Marissa de los Santos

Four Books to Read This Spring

This is a New York Times bestselling author’s newest novel! De los Santos revisits the characters from her past novels Love Walked In and Belonged to Me. In her story two women have an unlikely meeting, one young and one old. The two take turns telling the story about a broken engagement, life-changes gifts, and the mystery of the heart.

Amazon $13-$27

Laura and Emma by Kate Greathead

Four Books to Read This Spring

Greathead’s debut novel about a single mother raising her daughter in the high society of New York City and all that it entails.

Amazon $13-$17

The Parking Lot Attendant by Nafkote Tamirat

Four Books to Read This Spring

In a story about being an immigrant in America today, Tamirat’s novel begins on an unnamed island where a young woman and her father are the newest members of a commune. Even though the commune was built on the idea of utopian principles, they soon find out that this is not the case.

Amazon $14-$26

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

Four Books to Read This Spring

A novel about womanhood, ambition, power, and so much more including the flame that we all know that is inside of us that is just waiting to be seen!

Amazon $15-$28

What books are you excited to read this spring?


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4 Travel Books That Will Give You Wanderlust

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4 Travel Books That Will Give You Wanderlust

Reading about people finding themselves is one of my favorite types of books. I think your 20’s is basically trying to figure out who you are and what the heck is going on, and the authors of travel books share their own experiences with it. Like Eat, Pray, Love and Wild, or my favorite The Alchemist. All these books have characters that are searching for themselves and I think we all go through that.

Today I’m sharing four travel books that will give you wanderlust!

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding by Kristin Newman


Watching her friends settle down and start families, but not ready to do the same herself, Kristin sets off on trips around the world. Mostly by herself on these trips, she shares her stories of travels where she meets and even sometimes falls for the locals.





A Year Without Makeup by Stephanie Yoder


Fed up with the 9-5 lifestyle she was living, Stephanie quit her job to backpack around Asia. In her book, Stephanie tells her crazy adventures and also gives advice for others wanting to make the change.





A Thousand New Beginnings by Kristin Addis


This is a story of a girl who left her job and boyfriend behind to travel Southeast Asia. The book includes excerpts from her diary and blog during her travels alone and how it made all the difference in the world.





The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedman


When good girl Rachel on a whim buys a plane ticket to Ireland, by herself, she didn’t realize the trip she was about to take and what she will learn about herself.





What are your favorite travel books?

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Five Books to Cozy Up With This Fall

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Five Books to Cozy Up With This Fall

I honestly cannot think of anything better than reading a good book and drinking a warm drink, like a chia latte. Either in bed, by the fire, or at favorite cafe I think fall is the perfect time to catch up on reading. Here are five books to cozy up with this fall!


The Ninth Hour: A Novel by Alice McDermott

The books begins with the suicide of a young Irish Immigrant during the early 20th century. Even though his suicide is never spoken of, it affects many even after many years.

You can buy the book here for $17.68: The Ninth Hour: A Novel







Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

I loved Ng’s book, Everything I Never Told You, so I am eager to read her latest release!

When friends of one of families living in the neighborhood try to adopt a Chinese-American baby, a custody battles starts causing everyone to become involved!

You can buy this book here for $16.20:Little Fires Everywhere






The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman


If you are a fan of Practical Magic then get excited! The prequel to the book comes out October 10th. I may have already pre-ordered my copy 😉

You can get it here for $16.79:The Rules of Magic: A Novel








Nomadland: Surviving America in the 21st Century by Jessica Bruder

Bruder documents the lives of a growing community, transient older Americans. With Social Security short, older Americans have formed a community of nomads.

You can buy this book here for $17.67:Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century







The Twelve-Mile Straight by Eleanor Henderson

Georgia 1930, a light-skinned and dark-skinned babies are born to a white sharecropper’s daughter, Elma. Despite the eyes of the town, Elma tries to raise her babies.

You can buy this book for here $18.27:The Twelve-Mile Straight: A Novel








What books are on your reading list this Fall?

XX Chynna


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Four Books You Should Read This Summer

Books You Should Read This Summer

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Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but also one that I do not get to do that often. I buy and buy books, but sometimes it takes months for me to get around to reading them. With vacations and nice weather to sit outside and read, I am making it a priority to read this summer.

Four Books That Are On My Reading List:

I am always looking to add to my reading list, what books are on your summer reading list? [bctt tweet=”I am always looking to add to my reading list, what books are on your summer reading list? ” username=”Board4Chynna”]

xx Chynna

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