The Best Coffee Shops in Tampere, Finland

The Best Coffee Shops in Tampere, Finland

Working from my laptop in my from my room all the time can get boring! Sometimes I need a change of environment to keep motivated and it also helps me be creative. Living in Tampere for the last 7 months I have been able to check out a lot of the local coffee shops in the area and have come to love a few! One thing is true, Finns LOVE coffee. Since they spend a big part of the year in darkness, I understand why (so hard not to be tired at 3pm because it’s already dark). If you are in Tampere, or maybe in Helsinki and looking for a day trip, here are the best coffee shops in Tampere, Finland!

Cafe Pispala

The Best Coffee Shops in Tampere, Finland

This cafe is so unique to Tampere! They make all the food fresh and the menu is ever changing. You might need a reservation if you want to go during weekend brunch!

Fazer Cafe

The Best Coffee Shops in Tampere, Finland

This cafe is so Instagram-worthy with marble tables and cool lighting! They have delicious cakes and coffee. On the weekends they also have a brunch buffet. It is pricey, but worth a try!

Pella’s Cafe

The Best Coffee Shops in Tampere, Finland

Another great cozy cafe. I love this cafe’s pastries and also their outdoor seating during the warmer months!


The Best Coffee Shops in Tampere, Finland

The chia tea lattes here are big and delicious! I love sitting on their couch-like seating and getting work done!


I love how all the coffee shops in Tampere are so unique and make their food fresh! Tampere is also known for being vegan and gluten free friendly so there is something for everyone!


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Skiing in Finland

Skiing in Finland

Finland has over 100 ski resorts and no mountains! You might wonder how you  can go skiing without any mountains? Well Finland does have many hills that are covered in snow! Winter can begin in November in some places, so you can enjoy skiing for a large part of the year. Whether you are a new or experienced skier, you will enjoy your time skiing in Finland! Here are 4 ski resorts to check out while in Finland.


Skiing in Finland

One of Finland’s most popular and best rated ski resorts! There are 45 slopes and many different activities. You can even stay in a glass igloo here!



Skiing in Finland

Another favorite by visitors! There are 17 slopes and 10 lifts perfect for any skill level.



Skiing in Finland

This is the ski resort that I went to with my host family this past weekend. Since this was my first time I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I felt like as a new skier I did not feel intimidated at all!



Skiing in Finland

The “Authentic Lappish Holiday Resort” has 14 slopes and 8 lifts. Also voted :Ski Resort of the Year 2017 Finland” You can even have a chance to see the Northern Lights during your stay!

Skiing in Finland

Whether you are an advance skier or just a beginner, a ski trip in Finland is one that you will remember!

Have you ever been skiing?


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5 Travel Bloggers I Love to Follow on Instagram

5 Bloggers I Love to Follow on Instagram

I love following travel bloggers on Instagram. Well not all of them, but most! I personally like to follow the ones who are real about how they travel and how they do things. Not the ones with the over-glamorized life. Not that this is bad in any way, just not my favorites! Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite travel bloggers on Instagram!

Helene Sula @heleneinbetween 

5 Travel Bloggers I Love to Follow on Instagram

I think this picture serves as enough reason to follow her to be honest. But really her Instagram posts are always so fun and honest!

Phoebe @kaptain.kenny

5 Travel Bloggers I Love to Follow on Instagram

I love love love her honesty in posts. Not understanding the Instagram algorithm (but really who does) and much more!

Victoria Funke @thestylishtrotter

5 Travel Bloggers I Love to Follow on Instagram

Not only are her pictures amazing, but she also does a fun travel trivia in her insta stories! I always look forward to finding out what the answers are.

Janelle @txtravelgirl 

5 Travel Bloggers I Love to Follow on Instagram

She’s a teacher like me! And of course she is a favorite in my book if she loves tacos!

Me! @boarding4chynna

5 Travel Bloggers I Love to Follow on Instagram

I’m pretty wary of calling myself a “travel blogger” but I figure hey why not. I started blogging in August and I am still learning all this stuff! But I will say it has been a lot of fun.

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10 Cities You Should Visit This Spring

10 Cities You Should Visit This Spring

With spring just around the corner, I’m sure if you are like me you are ready for some vacations! I love spring, it is by far my favorite season. Everything feels fresh and new, people are happier, and all the beautiful colors start coming out again. Traveling in the spring can also be so cool since some things only happen during this time. Today I’m sharing 10 cities you should visit this spring!

Tokyo, Japan

Spring time in Tokyo is filled with Cherry Blossoms. The best time to see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo are between March 25th to April 1. This is for 2018 season, make sure to check the dates each year because they may change. Picture found here.

Lisse, Netherlands

It is a dream of mine to visit the tulip fields at Keukenhof! The town of Lisse is also close to Amsterdam so you can do both.


Berck-sur-Mer, France

Visit this coastal town for their international kite festival! Picture found here. 


Antelope Valley, California

Spring is the perfect time to visit Antelope Valley because the fields of poppies are in full bloom! Picture found here.

Park City, Utah

You can go skiing here even in the spring! Picture found here.

Washington D.C.

If you can’t make it to Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms, Washington D.C. is also a great place to see them! Picture found here.

Paris, France

I’m someone who agrees with Audrey Hepburn, Paris is always a good idea. You can even see some cherry blossoms here too! Picture found here.

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

This little town in New Zealand looks like a dream! Perfect for any outdoor activities you enjoy. Picture found here. 


Copenhagen, Denmark

10 Cities You Should Visit This Spring

Copenhagen is another city I think is perfect any time of the year!

Bogota, Columbia

Becoming more well known because of food, Bogota is definitely a city to check out if you enjoy food and culture! Picture found here. 

Anyone else ready to buy their plane ticket? Where are you traveling this spring?


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5 Spring Break Destinations For Every Traveler

5 Spring Break Destinations for Every Traveler


Who is ready for spring?? Because I sure am! For those of you in the US in high school, college, a teacher, or just needing a break; luckily spring break is just around the corner! Spring break is always one of my favorite breaks, behind summer of course, because the weather is getting nicer and it means that summer is just around the corner. Today I’m sharing 5 spring break destinations for every traveler. Whether you are looking for a party scene, culture, or a family friendly atmosphere there is a place for you!

You’re Looking For….

A Party Destination

Looking for a fun spring break with a good party scene? Here are some destinations that will have great day and night parties.

  • South Padre Island, Texas
  • Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Fort Laderdale, Florida
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

I have personally been to three of these places and have had fun every year, so I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them!

5 Spring Break Destinations for Every Traveler


Need time to unwind this spring break? Here are some relaxing destination:

  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Key West, Florida
  • Aruba
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

These beachy destinations will be a perfect getaway to sit at the beach or pool (bar) and get the relaxation you need!

An International Trip

My junior year of college I went with a group of three of my sorority sisters to Ireland for spring break. We rented a car and did a road trip. It was also during St. Patrick’s Day, so it was a fun experience! If you want to read more about it, you can HERE. Along with Ireland, here are some other places that would be perfect for spring break!

  • Barcelona/Madrid, Spain
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • London, England

5 Spring Break Destinations for Every Traveler

A Short Trip

Don’t have a lot of time or money for a long trip? Here are some places to that you can still go to and get a short break!

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Austin, Texas
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • New York City, New York

5 Spring Break Destinations for Every Traveler

Family Friendly

Looking for a family friendly destination? Here are some places to check out!

  • Bahamas
  • Amelia Island, Florida
  • San Diego, California
  • Washington D.C.
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Take a Disney Cruise

5 Spring Break Destinations for Every Traveler


What’s your favorite spring break destination?


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How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

Until trying to help a friend find a plane ticket to London, it never occurred to me that some people may not know how to find cheap plane tickets! I really thought what I knew everyone else did or they had other ways to find a good price. After going through everything she needed to know, I realized that others out there may not know some of these things too. Today I’m sharing how I find cheap plane tickets!

Sites I Use

I like to use Skyscanner or Google Flights to search. You can search multiple locations at once and see where is the cheapest place to fly to. So if you are not sure where to go or wanted to see where the cheapest place to fly into Europe would be, these are great. For example I did a search on Skyscanner from my hometown, Indianapolis, to anywhere in May. Here is what the search comes up like.

How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

Now here I scrolled down and saw France for about 394 euros roundtrip. I clicked and it then shows the cities for those prices. If you click the green button a calendar will come up with dates that also show prices.


Browsing Private

Some sights use cookies and remember what you search for. This means the next time you look for that ticket, the price will suddenly rise and make you think that you need to buy now to get a good price. Chances are if you search for the ticket on private mode, the price will be lower again.

Travel During “Off Season”

This may not be an option sometimes depending on when you have a break or can get off of work, but if you can travel during the off season. Tickets will be lower and less crowds!


There is an app that I like. It’s called Hopper and it will track prices of a trip for you and alert you when a good time to buy is. This can be a lifesaver if you are not sure if the price will go up or down.


While I admit I am not a “pro” at finding these deals, but I will say I have been able to find pretty good deals on the flights I do buy. Once I get to the “pro” level and get flights for almost free, I will share my tips with you 😉

How do you find cheap flights?



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What to Pack for a Trip in the Winter

What to Pack for a Trip in the Winter

Taking a trip in the winter to a place that is cold seems like a nightmare in the packing department. How can you pack all your winter clothes into a suitcase? After traveling a few times this winter to places that were cold, I have figured something out that is amazing: your coat covers your clothes. This is amazing because you don’t have to stress out about putting together the perfect outfit. Of course when you go out to eat or get a coffee, you will take your coat off but still 😉

Here is a list of things I have found useful on a winter trip!


Usually one to two is enough, especially if they are a solid color. You can layer them to keep warm while sightseeing the town! I have a sweater dress that is a solid color and so comfortable! It is the perfect winter travel dress.

Solid Shirts

Perfect for layering under your sweater and also good to rewear and no one will know you are 😉 Packing one to two is the perfect amount to save space.


Also another staple to keep warm, but also the mix up your outfits! I usually bring just one.


I will usually bring one pair that are black or a dark blue.


Wear your heaviest pair! Make sure they are water proof and warm. In winter you don’t really need to bring a variety of shoes, but I like to bring tennis shoes in case my feet get tired. Not the best for the cold, but for comfort.


Bring wool socks if you have them! Walking around a lot outside can make your feet cold! I also like to bring pantyhose that is fleece lined for my sweater dress so I am really warm.

Hat and Gloves

Make sure to bring a hat and gloves to keep you warm. Bring an extra pair of gloves just in case!



I hope my list will help you pack for your next trip!

I think packing for a winter trip is easier than summer! Do you?


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How I’m Able to Travel

How I'm Able to Travel

Everyday we see the blogs and Instagram accounts of people who give up everything and travel the world. They make money blogging and are able to see the world because of it. While I do have a blog, that’s not how I travel. There is really one big reason why I am able to travel and another factor that helps a lot in being able to afford it. So if you are wanting to travel more, I’m sharing how I travel and more ideas on how you can see the world!

Au Pairing

This is basically the number one reason why I am able to travel as much as I do currently. I live in Europe so it’s much easier to travel to another country over the weekend. While the daily life of an au pair is not glamorous or necessarily fun, you get to live in another country for free. If you want to know more about au pairing I have a whole tab dedicated to this topic. You can read more HERE!

Teaching English Online

This is a major factor that enables me to travel. While I do live for free, at 25 I do have bills and au pairing doesn’t pay that much per month. So I decided that if I wanted to travel I needed to do something more to make that happen. Teaching online has been awesome and I love the company. It’s pretty flexible and the hours work for my schedule. If you want to know more I also have a tab dedicated to this, you can read more HERE! Use my referral code: KCFDOT

Other Ideas

The two things listed above are basically the two major reasons why I am able to travel. But I do realize that a majority of people can’t do them for numerous reasons. So below I’ve listed more ideas on how you can travel based on things I’ve seen or heard of people doing based on their life.

College Students

In college I know that it is hard to travel because of time and also money. I think one of the best ways to travel and probably the easiest is to study abroad. You take classes that can count toward your major and also live in another country! I didn’t study abroad but I did go to Europe twice while in college. Both times I saved up money to go. The first time I went with EF Ultimate Break and was able to pay for the trip with monthly payments. The second time I went to Ireland for a week and the ticket was pretty cheap! Search for deals and start saving!


Having a family might make it hard to travel. Not only do you have more schedules to work around, but it also costs more because you have more people. I don’t think this should stop you though! If you and your partner value traveling and want your children to experience the world then you should! I think paying off all debts or most is important so that you can focus on saving money to travel. Sell things you don’t need, downsize, and maybe pick up a second income.

Living paycheck to paycheck

I think this is pretty common for a lot of people. With student loans and maybe even just things that have happened in life, you can’t seem to save to travel. Like I said above, try to get your debt down first. Sell things you don’t need, downsize, get a second job. Take small trips or weekend trips for a while during this time. Once you are able to save enough, then you can start traveling more!

If you are anything like me, travel is a big part of my life and I want to keep it that way.

What do you do to be able to travel?

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Three Cities You Should Visit During Winter

Three Cities You Should Visit During Winter

For some reason I always think that traveling should happen during the summer. It’s warm out and easier to pack, so it’s the only time to travel right? Not at all! Since living in Europe I’ve learned that traveling in the winter can be fun too! You just have to get better at packing and it doesn’t matter what you are wearing because no one will see it 😉

Some cities are also even better in the winter than summer! So if you are looking for a winter getaway here are three cities that you should visit during winter!

Zermatt, Switzerland

Three Cities You Should Visit During Winter

Picture found here.

Below Matterhorn peak at an elevation of about 1,600m is Zermatt. It’s in southern Switzerland and close to Italy. This city is known for resorts, skiing, hiking, and climbing. On Zermatt’s website they state that there is snow guaranteed 365 days a year! So really anytime you visit here is winter time 😉 Honestly just the view alone is putting Zermatt on my bucket list.

New York City

Three Cities to Visit During Winter

Picture found here.

I traveled to NYC during winter for New Years Eve last year and this city is seriously beautiful! All the Christmas lights were still up and I loved it. Last year it didn’t really snow, which I think would have made it even more pretty. New York City has so much to so. It is called the city that never sleeps for a reason! If you want to read more about NYC check out my post HERE.

Banff, Canada

Three Cities You Should Visit During Winter

Picture found here.

Located in the province of Alberta and within the Banff National Park is the resort town of Banff. With so much to explore in the national park and enjoying hot springs, this town is a perfect winter get-away! To me nothing is better than mountain vies with snow on them and Banff does not disappoint.


What city do you love to visit during winter?


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How to Spend a Weekend in Stockholm

How to Spend a Weekend in Stockholm

I’m honestly surprised I haven’t visited Stockholm sooner! It’s only an hour flight from Finland so it’s an easy weekend getaway. Going in January was also fun since it’s not a high tourist time so there were no lines, but it was pretty cold! I’m excited to share how I spent my weekend in Stockholm!


Stockholm has some pretty cool museums! The bad thing is that they are all pretty expensive and there is no student discount for any of them. Here are a list of some worth checking out.

  • Vasa Museum
  • Skensen
  • ABBA Museum
  • The Nobel Museum
  • Nordic Museum

The Largest Art Gallery

AKA the metro. Stockholm is home to the largest art gallery that is also their metro system. We paid for a ticket and spent an hour riding the metro and getting off at the stops to look at all of the cool designs. Sorry for bad quality pics, but the lighting was not the best down there!

How to Spend a Weekend in Stockholm

Walk Around Old Town

See the iconic colorful buildings of Stockholm located in Old Town.

How to Spend a Weekend in Stockholm

Eat at the Ostermalm Food Hall

A traditional Scandinavian food hall with all the delicious things to eat! When I went it was still under construction and located across the street, but still worth a visit! I had a dish with Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, and lingonberries. So delicious! I would also recommend trying the fish soup.

Where to Stay

I stayed at the Generator Hostel Stockholm. They have a bar connected to the hostel and it was pretty cool! We got a pretty good price for the beds and overall a nice little hostel for a weekend. Linens are included, but towels and breakfast are not.


I also think it’s important to point out that Stockholm is a pretty expensive city. I currently live in Scandinavia, which has higher prices, but Stockholm honestly surprised me. Don’t let this make you not visit, just be prepared.

What city do you like to visit over a weekend?


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