Day Trips to Take from Lisbon

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Day Trips to Take from Lisbon

Not only is Lisbon a great city, but yo can also take day trips to two other cities nearby that are only 30-40 minutes away! On my trip we went to Sintra and Cascais, both completely different. Sintra is the location of the Pena Palace, Moorish Castle, and many other things. Cascais is a beach town with colorful streets and good gelato. Today I’m sharing how to get to each and what to do in each city!


If you take any day trips, make it Sintra! Not only is it a cute town, but it is also the location of the Pena Palace (pictured above) and the Moorish Castle (below). Both a seriously beautiful! Most people suggest getting tickets before, I didn’t and went in a back entrance easily. I also did not go in the palace, but just got the ticket for the outside and the gardens.

Day Trips to Take from Lisbon

Make sure to have on good walking shoes when you visit the Moorish Castle! It is really a hike! This castle is said to be built in 1160 or before. Not only is this really great to see, but also has amazing views!

How to Get There

From Rossio station you can take a train straight to Sintra! The train runs fairly often and only costs 5 euros for round-trip. We spent the whole day there so plan accordingly.


Day Trips to Take From Lisbon

Cascais is a cute beach town only 40 minutes from Lisbon. Really the whole train ride to this town is beach towns so you can pick any! We spent our day here laying by the beach, drinking wine, and eating fresh seafood. Portugal is known for their seafood, so you know it will be good since it’s coming straight from the ocean you’ve been laying by all day. If you have time I would definitely make a trip to this cute town.

How to Get There

You have to get on the train at Cais do Sodré. I thought you could get on at Rossio and you can’t. So learn from my mistake 😉 If you are like me and stayed by Rossio station, get on the metro and go to Cars do Sodré and then get on the train.


Both of these day trips were so easy and so different! I’m glad I did both of them and got to experience Portugal more.

What cities do you love in Portugal?


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  1. Cascais looks like my kind of place to while away the day! Portugal is beautiful, and our list keeps getting longer. 🙂

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