Food You Have to Try in Barcelona

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Food You Have to Try in Barcelona

Spain is one of my food heavens! My number one is still France, but Spain is right behind it. Sitting at an outdoor table with friends, beer, and tapas is my ideal day. While on my weekend trip in Barcelona we even tried to do a tapas crawl (we didn’t make it very far). But I did get to try some yummy food. If you are planning a trip soon, I’m sharing food you have to try in Barcelona!

Patatas Bravas (Spicy Potatoes)

Four Things You Should Do in Barcelona

This was a group favorite. The sauce is almost like a chipotle mayo. Overall super delicious and a must try.


Food You Have to Try in Barcelona

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I don’t think it’s a trip to Spain without trying some paella! Since you are right on the Mediterranean Sea you can get some with fresh seafood! If you are not a seafood fan you can also have meat or vegetarian version.


Food You Have to Try in Barcelona

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These are mini potato croquettes with two different sauces.  You can usually order them by whatever amount you would like!

Pa amb Tomàquet

Food You Have to Try in Barcelona

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The only reason I actually tried this is because it was brought to our table on accident. No one ordered it, but we ate it anyways! We were all glad it came to our table.


Spain is a great place to relax either alone or with family/friends! The relaxed feel, architecture, food will make you fall in love instantly. If you have never been abroad or looking for a place for you next trip I would definitely recommend Spain as your destination. I have only been to Barcelona, but I have only heard good things from others who have traveled to different cities.


This is just a short list of the good food available in Barcelona. I could go on for days!

What is your favorite food to eat in Barcelona?


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