Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen

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Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen


This past weekend I made my way to Copenhagen, Denmark. A beautiful city that has it all, the old cobble stone streets, great food, and also great views. My plane landed on Friday morning and I didn’t leave until Sunday night, so I got a full weekend and I thought it was a perfect amount of time to explore the city.

I had so much fun exploring this city! It should definitely be added to your bucket list and here are four reasons why!

Delicious Food

Since I was here close to Christmas, I was able to enjoy the Christmas Markets around the city. They had churros, waffle sticks, glogg (mulled wine), and many other foods to try!

In an old paper factory there is now food stalls called, Paper Island, with so many different food choices! I got an open-face sandwich with pork, potatoes, bacon, and fried onions. So good! Some other food options there are: Korean street food, sushi, and even a place that specializes in ostrich! This place is actually closing down soon, so even more reasons to visit like now!

Another restaurant I went to was The Union Kitchen. I really recommend checking this place out. They do tapas and specialize in meatballs. I had the wild boar meatballs and the cauliflower with ricotta and cranberry! There were so many other things on the menu that I would love to try. They also have many speciality drinks that are hand-crafted there.


Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen


Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen


Beautiful Views

From the views from The Round Tower to Nyhavn, I could just sit and enjoy the views for hours!

Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen

Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen

So Many Things to Do

Copenhagen offers so many things to do! There are museums, castles, The Little Mermaid statue, and many cafes and restaurants to enjoy. I went to the Danish Design Museum and for students and people under the age of 26, it is free! I am not sure if this is the same for other museums in the city.

If you go during Christmas time you can also enjoy the Christmas Markets around the city. Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen

Easy to Get Around

From bikes, trains, to metros or just walking; you can get around Copenhagen very easily. The train and metro both go to the airport and are very cheap. I thought this was very convenient because some cities don’t have this and you have to figure how to get to the city from the airport.

While the city is very walkable, you can also rent a bike to explore the town! Copenhagen is very bike friendly and they separate the road just for bikers.

Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Copenhagen


Copenhagen is now on my list of favorite cities and hope to visit again during the summer so I can enjoy the outdoors more!

What’s your favorite city to visit in the winter?

If you want to know how I planned my trip, download my Copenhagen trip planner here:

Weekend in Copenhagen




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