How I Started Blogging

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How I Started Blogging

I’m sure many people feel this way, but I had always wanted to start a blog. I just honestly didn’t know how. Also the fact that I didn’t think I was a good writer or anyone would read it (side note-you should at least try right?). After getting over my doubts and realizing that starting a blog could be much more than just wanting people to read it, but about me being able to share my experiences. Since starting my blog I’ve had multiple people ask me how I went about it and they want to start one too. It makes me happy that I inspired someone to one to start blogging and that they thought of me as someone to ask. Today I am sharing with you how I started my blog!


When I first started my blog I actually used a free web hosting site. After getting everything set up and writing posts, I realized I couldn’t do things that other bloggers could do. And I didn’t have WordPress. I had no idea that there were hosting sites out there with WordPress that you pay for that could do so much more. After doing some research, I stumbled upon SiteGround. There were really good reviews and the prices were a lot better than others! I personally decided to pay for a host because of the amenities (like security and customer support) I get from it and also if I ever want to monetize I can. If you are interested in learning more click HERE.


After getting everything switched over to SiteGround and learning about WordPress, I started on the theme and layout of my blog. I found a person on Etsy to design my “Boarding for Chynna” in cursive at the top of my blog. Personally, I am not tech savvy so I would have no idea how to do anything like that! WordPress also has free themes to download. I used one of those just because I loved the simple white theme. It wasn’t too busy and I felt like it really fit my blog style.

Posting Blogs

Now to the writing part! I’m still figuring out my writing style and really what I like to write about. I love sharing my adventures, but sometimes it feels hard to convey my ideas in a way people will understand and want to read. I do plan my blogs out a month in advance. I know when my trips are and when I want to share them on the blog. I also then fill in the other dates with posts I think my readers will enjoy. Posting two times a week is a good amount for me at the moment and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Planning out what I want to write about has really helped me stay organized and also come up with ideas. After writing my posts the first thing I do is spell check, check SEO, and schedule my post!


Another great thing to have for your blog! You can schedule emails to your subscribers to let them know when new posts are up. You can even set a pop-up and add a form to your sidebar for people to subscribe to your blog. They then automatically get added to your list on MailChimp to send your emails to. So convenient!

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging!

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask!


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