How to Get a Teaching Position

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How to Get a Teaching Position

For those of you who don’t follow me on social media, I finally accepted a teaching position here in Indy! While this means that I will have to stay in one place for the most part, I am excited to take weekend trips and travel over school breaks. I do have some fun trips planned for the rest of this year that I am excited about. Today though I’m sharing some insight on the teaching interview process and some things I have learned.

Sometimes it’s about who you know

Or what is on your resume. One position I got an interview for was because the assistant principal and myself worked in the same school district in college. I noticed thought that people who knew someone or did something in the district before were more likely to get called in for an interview.

Prepare for questions

For most schools you will get the same questions, which was kinda disappointing to me. The questions that our education classes prepared us for the whole time, which is good, but we know the right answers or what we should say. I don’t think those questions really showed who I was as a teacher. So luckily in your education classes you will be prepared for these questions, but still practice them before your interview. Some questions to expect are:

  • Why do you want to be a teacher?
  • What grade do you want to teach?
  • How will you address the needs of all students in your classroom?
  • How do you feel about working in a group?
  • What behavior management have you used or will use in the classroom?

There are of course more questions they can and will ask, just be yourself and answer honestly! You want to make sure you will fit with that school.

Have questions to ask

I know this is hard because you feel like you have no idea what to ask, but you are also trying to see if the school is a good fit for you! Here are some questions I found that gave me answers to the culture at the school:

  • Are there teaching teams?/Do they collaborate?
  • What opportunities for professional development do you have?
  • Why do teachers want to work at your school and why do they want to stay?
  • What technology do you have in the school?
  • What is the parent involvement like in the school?

Make sure to ask questions that you think are important to you and what you want to have in your school.

You may have to teach a lesson

In one interview I taught a kindergarten class and in another I taught three adults as they acted like they were a kindergarten class. If you are like me, then I definitely liked teaching the actual children better! But don’t worry the lesson was only 15 minutes, so it is over before you know it. Make sure in your lesson you are able to differentiate for students with different abilities.

Don’t be afraid to say no

My first week back from Europe I had two interviews. One at a school I really liked and another at a school I didn’t really know anything about. Well after both interviews on Thursday, on Tuesday I get a call from the school I didn’t know offering me a position. I had talked to this school one time. When I got this offer I kind of freaked out. I didn’t really know anything about them and I still really liked the other school. Well I ended up turning down the offer because I just didn’t feel right about it. So don’t be afraid to say no to an offer.

It may take a while to find the right school

I didn’t do my student teaching in Indianapolis, so really I don’t know much about the school districts around. I applied everywhere and had some interviews. As I mentioned above I turned down one offer and after that I started to get nervous. The school I really liked hasn’t emailed me back and I am not getting many other interviews. Well fast forward a month, still didn’t hear back from the school I loved and had an interview with a school I liked but still wasn’t sure. I finally kind of gave it up to God/the universe to decide what was going to happen and that same day I got an email from the school I love offering me a position! No matter what, what is meant to happen will happen! Stay positive!


I’m so excited to share my teaching adventures with you and I’m sure funny stories also!

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