How To Make The Most Out of College

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How to Make the Most Out of College

This post can also be titled “Chynna is pouting about growing up.” Transitions in life are always hard, but they can also be very exciting. They can be a way to learn more about yourself and also try new things. College is one of those transitions in life that is exciting, but also daunting. Some of you may be moving far from home or have decided to stay at home and go to a college near you. Either way, you still have no idea what’s coming next. This year as I enter my next transition, life after college, I reflect on my years in college and things I did and wish I had done. So here is my alumni advice for those who are entering college this year 🙂

Put Yourself Out There

I know this is really cliche to say and you probably hear it all the time, but it’s true! It feels so weird asking people you don’t know to do something with you or having to ask if you can join but just do it. There is really nothing you can lose from it. You never know, that person may be your new best friend.


Don’t Go Home Every Weekend

For some of you who are really close to your family this may be really hard (or if you’re staying home). Living away from home is a great way to became independent and find out things about yourself. This will never happen if you go home every weekend.

College Tailgate

Don’t Only Hang Out With People From Your Hometown

This is so easy to do since you know them and it feels safe, but as stated above put yourself out there! Go out and meet new people. Some of my closest friends are ones I randomly met in college and it is because I branched out.


Join a Club and/or a Sorority/Fraternity

I personally went through recruitment, but if it’s not for you then don’t do it! I know a lot of girls who even went as far as joining a sorority because all of their friends did it, but they really didn’t like it. Do what you want to do. College is a time to do things that you like to do and joining a club based on those interests is a good place to start.


Go Abroad

Take advantage of studying abroad. You get the chance to live in another country and go to school with students from your school and others. Everyone I know who went abroad loved it. I didn’t study abroad, but I did go to Ireland for a week with three of my sorority sisters. I wish I would have studied abroad through!


Take Classes Seriously

I’m really only putting this on here because there were so many people my freshman year that failed classes or didn’t get into Kelley because they didn’t take their classes seriously. So basically study.

Have Fun!

As much as studying is important, so is having fun! While yes there are nights in the library I remember (most likely because I wasn’t studying), but the nights I really remember are the ones where I was with friends enjoying being young. Let yourself have a break sometimes and go have some fun!



As someone whose college career is over, it goes so fast. So even though midterms and finals may be brutal and you’re super stressed out; you will miss it. So have fun and enjoy it!

What are you looking forward to most in college or what is your favorite college memory?

xx Chynna

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