How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

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How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

Until trying to help a friend find a plane ticket to London, it never occurred to me that some people may not know how to find cheap plane tickets! I really thought what I knew everyone else did or they had other ways to find a good price. After going through everything she needed to know, I realized that others out there may not know some of these things too. Today I’m sharing how I find cheap plane tickets!

Sites I Use

I like to use Skyscanner or Google Flights to search. You can search multiple locations at once and see where is the cheapest place to fly to. So if you are not sure where to go or wanted to see where the cheapest place to fly into Europe would be, these are great. For example I did a search on Skyscanner from my hometown, Indianapolis, to anywhere in May. Here is what the search comes up like.

How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

How to Score Cheap Plane Tickets

Now here I scrolled down and saw France for about 394 euros roundtrip. I clicked and it then shows the cities for those prices. If you click the green button a calendar will come up with dates that also show prices.


Browsing Private

Some sights use cookies and remember what you search for. This means the next time you look for that ticket, the price will suddenly rise and make you think that you need to buy now to get a good price. Chances are if you search for the ticket on private mode, the price will be lower again.

Travel During “Off Season”

This may not be an option sometimes depending on when you have a break or can get off of work, but if you can travel during the off season. Tickets will be lower and less crowds!


There is an app that I like. It’s called Hopper and it will track prices of a trip for you and alert you when a good time to buy is. This can be a lifesaver if you are not sure if the price will go up or down.


While I admit I am not a “pro” at finding these deals, but I will say I have been able to find pretty good deals on the flights I do buy. Once I get to the “pro” level and get flights for almost free, I will share my tips with you 😉

How do you find cheap flights?



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