What I Learned From Traveling Solo

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What I Learned From Traveling Solo

If you told me a year ago, maybe even three months ago, that I would be traveling solo I don’t think I would believe you. Before I came I think I had it in my mind that there would be so many other people that would travel with me. While it is true that there are people here that want to travel, sometimes times and places don’t work out. So instead of not going, I decided I was still going to travel. And I’m so happy I decided to do that! So if you’re thinking of taking a trip by yourself and not sure, here are some things I have learned from traveling solo 🙂

You can navigate a city all by yourself

I think this is one of the things that worried me the most. Not knowing where I’m going and not able to speak the language. Figuring out the public transportation or getting to and from the airport. Maps on iPhone has saved my life, but I did it! First I usually figure out the way I should be walking and then start walking. That way I don’t look at my phone a lot so people don’t think that I’m a tourist. I guess I’m pretty good at it because every time I’ve traveled someone has asked me for directions because they think that I’m a local! I then have to admit that I have no idea where I’m going also 😉

Having meals alone isn’t that bad

We also picture in our minds this image of people eating alone as sad, but really it’s not. I bring a book or sit at the bar. When you sit at the bar you can usually meet other people there too.

You don’t get as lonely as you think

Honestly by the time the day is over I’m just ready to go to bed than socialize with people! When you are traveling you are probably going to be sight-seeing all day which means you will get tired by the time night comes. But, if you still want to go out, reach out to the people in your hostel or the front desk to see of any bar crawls going on.

You’ll be happy you didn’t miss out on seeing a new city!

I think this is the biggest one. I’m always so happy that I got to see a new city and experience everything about it. What if I didn’t go just because I was going alone, I would have never got to experience it. So lesson of the story is- GO FOR IT!

If you’re interested in seeing my two trips (so far) that I went solo you can read them: HERE(Prague) and HERE(Copenhagen).

Have you ever traveled alone? What was your experience or favorite thing?


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