My New Year’s Resolutions!

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My New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year Everyone!

The ending to 2017 is kind of bitter-sweet. So much happened in 2017, good and bad. It’s easy to focus on the bad that is happening all around us in the world and our lives so I’ll just mention some of the positives. I graduated college, I moved to Europe, and have grown so much! 2018 is bringing great things for me, you, and the world! We as a community are stepping up to say what is not right and trying to make a change in the world. I believe we can do this!

As I have been thinking about this past year I decided I want to create a list of New Year’s Resolutions. I honestly have never done them before because I think it’s something people do and never follow through with. I decided to think of them as goals instead so I don’t have that negative thought in my mind about them. So, here are my New Year’s Resolutions!

Drink More Water

I believe I have said it before, but I am just really not a thirsty person. I usually have to consciously think about needing to drink something! Luckily, I don’t drink soda or juice so I don’t have to cut anything like that out. I just literally need to drink more in general lol.

Get Serious About Blogging

Not that I haven’t been taking it seriously, but more just invest more time to get better. I also need to think about the direction of my blog since I will be teaching next year. (plz send advice!)

Get to Country Number 20

After Christmas I will be at country number 13 and will be going to Sweden in January so I will only need 6 more countries! Most of my travels have been in Europe so hopefully I can branch out more so I can learn more about other cultures.

Be the Best First Year Teacher I Can Be

When I return to Indiana I will start my journey as a teacher. I have a K-6th license so it will be in one of those grades. Currently I have no idea where I want to teach or what grade, but I think I’m open for any experience. I want to be the best first year teacher I can be and learn and grow during that year. Being an au pair has taught me a lot so far and I can’t wait to bring my experience to the classroom.

Develop a Healthy Self-Image

With social media filled with “perfection” I have to remind myself I make my own definition of perfect. That I need to stop comparing and have a “good for them” attitude.

Find a Cause I Love

I’m pretty sure that my cause will be with something to do with children, but who knows. I really want to start donating money or my time (or both) regularly. This is important because I think it keeps us grounded, humble, and thankful and I want 2018 to be filled with this!

Since these are all things I really want to do I think I am more likely to follow through with them!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


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