How to Spend a Day in Paris in Winter

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How to Spend a Day in Paris in Winter


I have always had a love for Paris. Even before I ever visited the city, I knew I would love it. I’m convinced I was a Parisian in my past life 😉 Four years ago I was finally able to visit the city of my dreams. We would be going to Barcelona, London, Paris, Rome, and Naples and I was ecstatic! The moment I stepped off of the train I knew this was my city. From the romantic feel in the air to the fresh baked baguettes you could get every morning, I loved it all.

Fast forward to this year- I wasn’t able to go home for Christmas and was telling a friend I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Then she told me her mom had just moved up to a city only three hours from Paris and would be going home for Christmas. She then went on to invite me to her family Christmas and suggested we stop first in Paris. I immediately said yes! Paris was amazing in the summer so I figured around Christmas time it would be a great time to visit and boy was I right!

So today I share with you how you can spend your day in Paris!

Check Out the View From the Arc de Triumph

The picture above was taken from the top of the Arc! It gives you a 360 view of the city and it is amazing. The entrance was only $9 or is free if you are an EU member under 26. When we went there was also no line which I think has to do with the time of year.

Head Over to Montmartre

How to Spend a Day in Paris in Winter

This little city inside a city was the hub for artists back in the Impressionist period! You can visit Sacre Coeur, pictured above, and Moulin Rouge. I definitely suggest taking the metro over and checking out this neighborhood!

See the Eiffel Tower

Of course! What visit to Paris doesn’t include the Eiffel Tower? You can go up the tower to see the view of the city also. I would suggest going during the day and also at night to see it light up.

See the Decorations at Galeries Lafayette

How to Spend a Day in Paris in Winter

Embarrassing story: at first I thought this was a museum until we walked in and it was a mall. Every year the mall has elaborate decorations and I have to admit, it is pretty cool!

Walk the Champs Elysees

How to Spend a Day in Paris in Winter

Not only is it famous for all of the shops, but in the winter it is decked out in lights! Grab a coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy a nice stroll!

See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

This museum is huge and you could honestly spend all day looking around. I would suggest if you only have a day in Paris to stick to one section of the museum and also go early so you have enough time to explore the city.


When we were planning what to do with our time in Paris, my friend and I were joking about “how many times do you have to visit Paris to do all the things you want to.” But seriously! I’ve been twice now and there are still things that I want to do that I didn’t have time for! I guess that means that I will just have to plan another trip 😉

Do you have a city you love even before you visited?


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