What to Do When You Are Spending the Holidays Away From Home

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What to Do When You Are Spending the Holidays Away From Home

This year I will spend the holidays away from home for the first time! My whole family is together on Thanksgiving and on Christmas so it will be really different for me. I am thankful though that I do get to experience a new culture. And I will also be in France, so no complaints here 😉

Since I have already spent Thanksgiving away from home and Christmas is coming up I thought I would share what you can do when you are spending the holidays away from home!

Share Your Traditions

Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the U.S. so I knew coming that I wouldn’t be celebrating it. Luckily though my host family said they would love to celebrate it with me. They invited some friends over and I was able to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal for them. We also went around the table and said something that we are thankful for. Everyone loved the meal and the celebration and it was awesome for me to share a part of my culture with them!

Create New Traditions

If you are staying were you are for a while try creating new traditions that will keep you excited about celebrating the holidays! Even if you are not staying for a while in that location it could be fun to start a tradition that you can bring home.

Celebrate the Holidays Like Locals

If you get the chance, you could also celebrate the holidays like the locals do! Doing this you can also learn more about their culture. And as said above you can create a new tradition.

Find a Group to Celebrate With

If you came alone and are worried about spending the holidays alone start looking for groups to spend them with. Join Facebook groups for travelers or for example I’m a part of “Americans in Tampere.” So look for groups like that. There were people in the group offering to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make the first move either!

Take a Trip

Maybe none of the above appeal to you and you want to do something different. Take a trip over the holidays to make them exciting!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday celebration!

How do you celebrate holidays when you are away from home?


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