Weekend Travel: 4 Things You Should Do in NYC

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4 Things You Should Do in NYC

After spending a day in Boston my friends and myself hopped on an Amtrak train and headed to the Big Apple. We stayed in an awesome Airbnb in Brooklyn and had the best NYE in NYC! I will say it was crowded since it was a holiday, but still a great experience.

4 Things You Should Do in NYC:

Go to Central Park.

Getting to walk through the park and see amazing views of the city was one of my favorite parts. It was cold when we went, but I bet in the fall or spring it would be an amazing place to take a walk or just hang out or maybe have a picnic.

Central Park

Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and Explore Brooklyn.

Another great view of the city! As a said above that our Airbnb was in Brooklyn, specifically near a Holistic Jewish community. If you are interested in cultures like me, you will love exploring all the different communities in New York. I personally had never heard of this sector of Judiasm before and of course after realizing this I had to learn all about it! The fact that there are so many diverse people living in New York City is what I really love about it.

Brooklyn Bridge

Go to Times Square. 

It was a madhouse when we went, but you can’t go to NYC without seeing Times Square. We also decided against seeing the ball drop here for New Years. Our flights were early the next morning so we decided to sightsee instead. Seeing the ball drop in Times Square is on my bucket list though!


Did you really think this would not be on my list? Eating food is one of my favorite things to in a place I am visiting. Any type of food you are looking for, NYC has it. Here are some places that should be on your list: Le Coucou, Superiority Burger, Los Tacos No. 1 in Chelsea Market, and Patsy’s Pizza – East Harlem. If you love macaroons then Ladurée should be on your list. When I found out there was one in the city I dragged all my friends so that I could get a macaroon!

Extra: Visit Museums and Memorials

I highly suggest visiting the 9/11 Memorial. It is honestly a really humbling experience. You can also visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and pretend you are on the set of Gossip Girl 😉

9/11 Memorial

I can’t wait to plan my next trip to explore the city more. What are your favorite things to do in NYC?

xx Chynna

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