Three Ways to Reduce Stress

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3 Ways to Reduce Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month! As someone that can get caught up in stress, I am sure there are others out there that feel the same way! Stress comes and goes in our life. For some it is easy to handle, but for others not so much. I know for me, I know there is really not much to stress out about because everything always works out but sometimes your mind can’t let it go. Stress can cause problems though. It can make you not sleep, eat, or weaken your immune system. It is important to try and reduce stress as much as possible so that you are healthy and happy! Here are three ways I reduce stress!


This can be in any way that you like! I hate running so I’m not going to go running to reduce stress. I like doing yoga, lifting weights, and going for walks. Doing these things really help me reduce stress and stay focused!

Get Fresh Air

Sunshine and fresh air make a big difference! Go outside to read a book or go for a walk! Let yourself enjoy nature. Going outside for a walk is one of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed, especially in a forest.

Talk to a Friend

Sometimes just talking to someone can help you reduce stress. Meet a friend for coffee or dinner and let yourself relax and laugh! I find that most of the time my friends are also stressing about similar things, or have in the past. They can help give advice or just understand how you feel.


How do you reduce stress?



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