Weekend Travel: Tallinn, Estonia

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Tallinn, Estonia

This weekend I traveled to Tallinn, Estonia with a few other au pairs in Finland. Now some of you are probably sitting and thinking, “where is Estonia?” I got a few of those questions from family members so I understand 😉 Below is a screenshot from Google Maps for you to reference!

Tallinn, Estonia

To get to Tallinn from Finland, I first took a bus from Tampere to Helsinki using Onni Bus. Once in Helsinki we took a ferry to Tallinn. Altogether the trip was about 5 hours and only costed about 50 euros. The ferry was nice and we were able to find a spot to lay down for the trip. I would suggest getting there about 30 minutes or more ahead of time so you can get on the ferry and snag a good spot before they are all taken.

Tallinn is a beautiful city and Old Town looks like fairy tales were made here! This city is the perfect place for a weekend trip. Here are some things to check out in Tallinn:

Walk Around Old Town


Old Town is seriously so beautiful! I really loved the medieval feel and it felt like I was in a fairy tale city. They have narrow streets that are cobblestone (which I have a thing for if you haven’t noticed).


See the City From a Tower

We didn’t get to do this because we missed the open hours, but there are churches that you can go up in to see the city. We did find a place were you can go up on a hill and they have an overlook of the city.

Eat at a Medieval Restaurant


We ate at Hortus Summer Garden Restaurant and it was such a cool experience! The restaurant was decorated to look like it was a tent out in the woods. They even had live music playing! I ordered a mushroom soup that also came with fresh baked bread. It was so good and super cheap! The restaurant makes different schnapps and we were able to try one for free. If you get the chance I would suggest trying this restaurant!

Go See the Orthodox Church


The architecture on this church was so beautiful!

Check Out the Gift Shops

There were so many gift shops and and stores with pretty cheap stuff to buy! They had the usual gift shop things, but they also had a lot of wool things to buy like hats or sweaters. I also noticed a lot of wood figures that I though was unique.

Go Out For A Cheap Drink

Side note- I’m not sure if Estonians really like Texas or something, but they sure seemed to have a lot of Texas themed places. But, Eastern Europe is known for being cheap and Tallinn rang true to this. We went to a German beer place where we were able to get a mug of beer for only 4 euros! As some of you may know, in some parts of Europe (like Finland) sometimes going out can be pretty pricey, so getting cheap drinks was a nice surprise!



If Tallinn isn’t on your bucket list, then add it now! It’s a perfect day stop city that is also really cheap. Tallinn really surprised me at how much charm it has.


Have you ever been to a city that really surprised you?

XX Chynna

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