Why I became an Au Pair After College

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Why I Became an Au Pair After College

Something no one tells you about is how the last few months of college are crazy. I remember thinking “what the heck is going on with my life” on a daily basis. You’re basically giving up a life you’ve loved for the last four years and going into another that is not exactly as exciting (it can be, but in general bills don’t seem exciting). Fast forward and I’m currently sitting in a super cute cafe in Tampere, Finland and planning a trips to Barcelona, Portugal, Germany, and Austria. So if you are wondering if you should take a gap year after college, here is why I did!


I Can Be a Teacher the Rest of My Life!


What is one year going to change? Nothing. The real world will still be there when I get back. Also, I don’t mind pushing off the adult world another year 😉


I Wanted to Experience a New Culture

Why I Became an Au Pair After College

Why I Became an Au Pair After College

Living in a different country really opens your eyes to how other people do things. You also learn that just because we do it one way, not everyone else does, and it doesn’t make them wrong. I also got to try so many different things from living in Finland; I went skiing and also went to a public sauna and jumped into a frozen lake! I would not have done any of those things in Indiana.


The Ability to Travel

Why I Became an Au Pair After College

This was probably the biggest reason. I have been able to see sooo much since I have been here! There is a huge world out there to see and seriously it’s really cool.

So if you are considering taking a year to travel, do it. You really have nothing to lose and a world to see!

HERE is the link to how I became an au pair in Finland if you are interested in becoming one.

If you have any questions or just encouragement, message me!



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