Why You Should Try Hot Yoga

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Why You Should Try Hot Yoga

I’ve always loved yoga. It challenges me so much mentally and physically! I didn’t know about hot yoga until about two years ago when I tried my first class. After that I was hooked! Hot yoga kicks up the intensity and makes you feel amazing after. Yoga has always been known for having a positive impact, but I think hot yoga is a little less represented. You not only get the benefits of yoga, plus more since the class is heated! Today I’m sharing some of those added benefits and hopefully you will check out a class near you 😉

Improve Your Skin

Since you will be sweating a ton, all that sweat will pull toxins out of your skin. Your skin all over will feel refreshed!

Increase Awareness

As I said before, you will get pretty sweaty during your hot yoga class. This means during your class you will have to push through those distractions of sweat dripping in places and focus on you. You will also have to work on not letting the heat distract you in any way. By pushing past these distractions you are able to focus your awareness.

Increase Flexibility

Heat helps relax your muscles so you will be able to stretch a little deeper than you usually would be able to.


During a hot yoga class you will feel so energized! Even after the class when you get exposed to cooler air, you will feel lighter and ready to tackle the day!


The hot air in the room helps relax the body and distress.


I have been practicing hot yoga regularly since I have moved back from Europe and love the results I am getting. While it is difficult to do, it is rewarding.

Where I Practice

I recently started practicing at The Hot Room Indianapolis. The staff is amazing and so friendly! Every time I walk in I feel so welcome in the space. The reason I started at The Hot Room is because they have a new client special which is $40 for one month unlimited. I have been searching for a new studio to try, and with the great price I thought I would give it a shot! The Hot Room is really the only other studio in Indy that I have practiced at. Before I would go to studios in Bloomington, where I went to college. So if you have any studios you really love, let me know! I also love doing regular yoga also.

Have you ever tried hot yoga?



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